My session with Borut was so amazing. I highly recommend his energy work. We connected and took some conscious breaths together then he asked me if I know where I am holding back and what could I release deep down. I wasn’t aware of what this could be at first and Borut said he is going to help me find it. And he did! The first thing he said rang some bells and he was completely right. I knew what was to be released and I could do it with Borut’s help. My life changed so much after the session. Thank you Borut!

Andreja, healing, private session

I decided to attend the breathwork circle out of curiosity. The meditation felt like a good method for mental and emotional relaxation and balance, and that is very welcome in today’s world of rushing. I hope that further practicing will bring me even more attention, self-awareness, and abandon. And such a man is definitely better – better to himself and better to others. Thank you, Open Heart Hub!

Mitja, breathwork, circle

It’s hard to put into words the marvelous experience of Thetahealing. At first I was quite uncomfortable, because it was my first session of this kind. And when I relaxed, marvelous things stared to happen. The therapy helped to dispell the dark energy that had nested around my heart during many past situations, and after the session I have never felt it again. I met my angels and they made me feel so much love and protection. I received some answers that made me very happy and I’m looking forward to getting more, because I know that this is only the beginning of my open-hearted path. I warmly recommend this!
And my husband has also changed noticeably, because the session helped him perceive his inner beauty that he couldn’t see fully before. And that especially affects his relationship with our children, and our family now enjoys more harmony, love, and patience than before. Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3

Jasmina, Simon, thetahealing, private session

I had no expectations whatsoever before the session and I was positively surprised. Borut is a very open person and I had no trouble trusting him and letting him lead the breathwork. It is hard to put into words what is going on during the session, but I can still feel the results, which shows especially in my calmness. Whenever I get pulled back into my old pattern, I take my time, and I recall Borut’s words and the breathwork, and that helps me come out of it again. That was a beautiful experience for me. Borut, thank you again, for what you gave me and showed me then.

Kristina, breathwork, private session

At first I was afraid, and then I relaxed, when I started to repeat to myself the words: “I am calm and relaxed”.
My higher self started to tell me that I should not be afraid, that I should trust myself.
Three angels came to me and told me that I am just like them and that they came just to touch me gently. When they touched me I felt something pleasant and I started to smile. And then I saw them, they were white, with wings, and they had curly hair.
For next time I will prepare more questions. It was very good.
I am looking forward to my next session.

Aleša, channeling, private session

I was working on „energy of abuse“ during my therapy, which I was not even fully aware before the session. It came out as big black entity on my chest, which I accepted and let go into the light. It was so very obvious that big black energy is not me, it just resided in me for a long period of time. Before the therapy, abuse energy influenced my life tremendously, I responded with aggression and anger. After the session aggression and anger left my life. I am cleaning leftovers with acceptance, every day.
I recommend active breathing meditation with all my heart to everyone, who was abused in their life or felt as if they are abused. Thank you, Borut, from my heart. Your Spirit and Higher Self helped me remove a big rock from my chest! <3

Jana, breathwork, private session
The session was quite a journey. In the first part of the session I felt energies which made tensions in my throat and jaws. The tensions became stronger as the energies were more provoked. It became obvious that they are not part of my essence.
The energies were slowly dissolved by turning attention toward the light of my higher self. My body relaxed and started to resonate with vibration of love.
Borut, thanks for the guidance through the journey!
Darko, breathwork, private session

This session was a real eye-opener for me! Such simplicity and yet so effective! Entering the Theta state is so easy under the guidance and the intuition that opens up is bordering on magic. I received all the answers I ever needed, about my path and my mission on this planet, and about my helpers here, my entourage. Feeling such strong kinship with them made me realize a lot: that I am never alone, that I am worthy of being loved and helped, that I am on a par with every other being in our Universe, that I can and must express myself fully in this life, that all is love and sweet mystery. Thank you! <3

Borut, thetahealing, private session

The session helped me determine the direction of my activities and let go of things in my life that I don’t need any more. A very interesting and beneficial experience that provided me with a clear definition of my intuitions which I couldn’t express properly before. Thank you for helping me meet the very beautiful energies and for the information from the other side!

Maja, thetahealing, private session

Pleasant environment, safe atmosphere, essential oils and nice smell helped me open up completely. My experience was priceless, because I could witness something speaking out of my mouth that wasn’t me. Now I know that in the moments of anger, jealousy, and other events that exhaust me, energetic parasites feast on my energy, and it is becoming easier for me to step out of it. By the end of the session, when I called in my higher self, I got to meet the true me. I am pure love, and the experience of this helps me love myself under any circumstances. Thank you!

Maja, breathwork, private session