We are all masters

This interview has been published in the Jana magazine, and here is the full, unabridged, version. Thank you, Urška Krišelj Grubar, for everything!


IMG_4145A married couple that opens hearts by example. Literally. They brought to Slovenia a new method of active breathing, which is yet another of the excellent self-help methods, that we can easily use at any time. In the world, active breathing is already well known, whereas here in Slovenia it is only being introduced through their open work. We, who have tested it, know that it works. With a special and not really complicated breathing method we release the complicated. Pain and unpleasant feelings are literally breathed out. Borut and Jana, as they sincerely admit, with their hearts still closed (without even realizing that) had been given a chance to open them. And now with their hearts opened, they invite all of us to join them. Now, all their wishes are coming true, even those that they didn’t even dare to dream before. Because they have opened their hearts. Because they have finally started to breathe.

Borut, not long ago you were working for a prominent computer programming company as an employee of one of Slovenia’s richest married couples which we had already introduced in our magazine. How did you go from being a programming master into a world of searching for other non-computer solutions?

Hi. Since I can remember I’ve been drawn to anything unusual and I believed in everything. Even today I have the capacity of believing in anything. In my life I have experienced a lot of interesting things and one of them was an awakening that happened to me when I was in high school, when during a recess, among all the noise and commotion, I suddenly became aware that the reality was infinite and that all that we were perceiving was only the surface, the tip of the iceberg. I’ve read some spiritual books, not too many, and I spent twenty five years trying to integrate the spiritual and the mundane. I have found out that I had been unbelievably lucky and that the Universe had been reliably guiding me and helping me make decisions that were good for me and helping me walk the path that was good for me. There were quite a few important decisions in my life that I had made trusting my intuition and only much later I came to realize why. Today it is easier for me to see that none of that was just a coincidence, or plain fate, but that our higher self is very much present in ourselves, constantly guiding us, if we can only listen to it. And this higher self is us, it is our true self.
Last summer, a confluence of events gently pushed me on a new path, and I was ready to accept that without any hesitation. I was actually relieved, as if I had been waiting for a long time for that to happen, yet I hadn’t have the courage or the capacity to understand that it was time for a change, for shifting into a higher gear. Now I am finally flying, everything is happening unbelievably fast, everything is coming to me, I am living a dream, and I am truly happy, in loving acceptance of everything that I am and all that surrounds me. I’ve come to know my gifts and my mission and I am ready to take a stand for everything that I believe in, what I see and what I experience. My mission is being a messenger, merging polarities and contradictions, seeing through all of our programs, and help others with that as well, and expanding awareness to the limits and even beyond. I am here to raise the vibration and shine the light. As we all are, I am Joy/Light/Love.

On your path of intensive self-analyzing, searching, learning, and exploring, your body had fiercely reacted with diabetes, that for a time you managed to control by yourself, and then you had to seek medical attention, but I believe your goal is to overcome that without medications. What is it that you are doing about it and how do you see yourself in this moment?

Two years ago I had been to a medical exam and they told me that my blood sugar was very high. At that time I was scared by this, because my brother had a lot of complications with his diabetes that he had been diagnosed with only a short time before that. On top of that I had an adopted distrust in western medicine, so I wanted to solve the problem simply, by stopping eating the sweets. After one year I realized that my solution was not working. At that time I also lost my job and found out about breathwork, an active breathing technique by David Elliott, who believes that we are all healers and that main cause of all our sickness and problems is the fact that we don’t accept and love ourselves, so we keep seeking love outside of ourselves where we can’t really find it. These words rang true to me and I realized that I didn’t even know what loving yourself mean. Without the job I had time and I could afford to meditate a few hours every day, using breathwork to open my heart, the heart chakra, and learning to love myself. I started a blog, because David claims that creativity is a shortcut to healing. I poured a lot of my past into my blog, a lot of my secrets and memories, and I was also reporting sincerely from the trenches. I opened up on all levels and finally started to breathe in my life. Yet my blood sugar still didn’t improve, so on New Year’s eve last year I went to see a doctor and they gave me insulin. I had come to accept that nothing was wrong with combining everything that you believe could help you. And I had also processed my resistance and distrust in western medicine. After a few months, all that together brought me to a place where I was able to reduce the amount of insulin I was taking to a bare minimum. And just these days, I completely stopped taking any insulin, and I am observing my pancreas to see if it is healed enough to start generating my own insulin once again. Looks promising. And I must stress that most important for me is that I learned to love myself, and that completely changed the quality of my life. If you love yourself, you can live with yourself in any circumstances.


IMG_4178Your life is very rich and intensive. Web page and facebook users know you as the founder of a new healing center called Open Heart Hub that you are running together with your wife Jana. Based on your experience, I wonder, how open do you find us Slovenes, how do you see us?

Open Heart Hub is a center for healing and spiritual ascension, and as this is completely intertwined, for me it means that in this extremely interesting and special age that we live in, the time has come for all of us to finally awaken, to become aware of everything, where are we coming from, who we are, what are we here for, to open our hearts completely and start to dream unbendingly all our most incredible dreams. I have a strong vision that people are starting to bind in a new way, where individuality will step away for oneness. And the old paradigm of light/dark duality is saying goodbye, and a new time is coming for the light/love duality. How we are perceiving reality will all drastically and rapidly change. We are co-creators of our reality and we have free will. We are capable of miracles, magic, which is all something beautiful, when we are not encumbered by our fear of the unknown. We will realize that only our decision is standing in the way of our dreams coming true. It is only ourselves that are squishing us down, not daring to believe in abundance. And Universe is infinite abundance, which means that there is plenty of everything for everybody, always.
Human beings are divine creatures, pure light and love, covered by a veil of old, departing, shadow energies. From my open heart I can see that we are open to everything. I don’t fall for all of our masks and roles that we play, I just don’t take them seriously. Somebody comes for a healing session and they may seem completely closed, unwilling, rebellious even, yet after a few minutes of active breathing the masks fall off, they relax completely and start to feel all the beauty and wonder of being alive, and being open is not a question any longer but a fact.
Every one of us will be willing to give up, at the right moment, everything that is not ours. That means all the anger, impatience, fear, insecurity, all the dark and negative. None of that really belongs to us, we are pure light.

You know and teach special techniques for opening our hearts. They are special breathing exercises, that are not difficult to learn, and yet they are very efficient. How can they help us and can we describe them with words?

There exist a very very many techniques. The power does not lie in them, but in ourselves. Always. Each of us will find something that is the best for them at a certain point in life. And nobody needs any help, we can all learn anything by ourselves and heal ourselves, when we fully realize that.
Breathwork is extremely simple. We lie down comfortably and start breathing through the mouth, two inhales, first one in the belly, second one in the upper chest, then exhale. We keep observing how the energy of the breath is flowing through our heart, opening it. After a few minutes we might start feeling a vibration in our hands or in our upper body, and this vibration is our own energy. We might also notice a blockage, or pressure, or just uncomfortable feeling anywhere in our body, and clearly see the difference between our own energy and the foreign shadow energy, trapped within us. We can focus our breath on this foreign energy and simply imagine that we accept it in ourselves and then lovingly escort it out of us. The awareness of our own energy is key to loving yourself. We can attest first hand that the negative states really don’t belong to us, therefore we can no longer be completely fooled by them, when they try to take over in our daily lives. If we allow ourselves only seven minutes a day for the breathwork, we can notice within a few months a huge difference in ourselves, in our perception of ourselves and others, we become happy, full of energy, unstoppable, like children.
So, one can describe all this with words, yet when you try it for yourself, you will know everything instantly, without words. If breathwork is the right thing for you, you will know immediately. And I believe that many people will feel that.

These days there are a lot of methods in Slovenia that help us live better. One of the more popular among them is probably the EFT technique. Could you draw some parallels with your technique? Both are readily available and produce quick effects, if you only use them.

I don’t know the EFT technique and that neither makes me proud nor ashamed. What I’m saying is that I believe in any technique, I don’t exclude anything, I only integrate. To each their own. Yet a search for new techniques every day can also become seeking for love outside yourself, instead of finding it inside. That’s why I don’t see myself as a scholar who knows everything about spirituality and about all that goes with it. The Universe is infinite, meaning that in this abundance we can experience a huge number of things, and the feeling that we already have all that we need can be fulfilling, lest we abuse it for closing up from anything unknown.
Like I said, it’s not about the techniques and hoarding knowledge, it’s about openness and flexibility, about listening to your intuition, to your higher self, which is constantly connected to everything that exists and can find out about anything at any time. This intuition will tell us, without fail, whether breathwork is the right way to go, or is it the EFT technique, or something else. Comparisons and parallels are unnecessary.

IMG_4158You have learned about the breathing techniques with master David Elliott on Hawaii. What changes has this technique brought into your family and how did you find out about this method anyway? Why, do you think, this method?

David Elliott does not see himself as a master, although he undoubtedly is one, and a fact is, that we are all masters. On Hawaii I attended my first workshop and later I also went to Los Angeles and New Mexico, where David lives and works. He had workshops in Italy, too, and soon they will be in Slovenia as well.
The effects of breathwork are cumulative when you practise it regularly and persistently, even though you can experience a strong shift already in the very first minutes of your first session. A regular and persistent practice may seem hard, but the truth is quite the opposite. When you get to know the breathwork, you see that it is pure pleasure, a complete relaxation, and you can hardly wait for the time for a new session. You feel lucky, if you have the chance of breathing daily for half an hour or a full hour. It soon becomes part of your life. After a few months you notice that you have acquired some kind of attentiveness, presence, joy, and readiness to face anything in your life. You start accepting bad things and even start realizing that they are not really bad, but what makes them bad is your point of view, your beliefs, your resistance. You fortify yourself, you become what you are, you regain your self-confidence and your love for yourself and for everything there is. You become happy. And that is also your birthright that you had given up of your own accord at some point in your past.
I have encountered this method, because it was the best for me at that time. I had first heard about it from an Italian friend a few years ago, but I didn’t really know what it was about, and I didn’t even care back then. When life opened space for a change for me last year, I surfed intuitively to the web page of David Elliott and I clicked on the link with his seven minute breathwork meditation. After five seconds I knew that was it for me. Then I went on to read the introduction of his book, which he also offers on his web site free of charge, and I felt we had something in common. I saw infinite love and beauty in his approach and I said to myself that I would want to express all that myself, too, in the same way. David is not functioning as a spiritual teacher, a guru, so I felt him more like a long lost brother, a kindred soul, and because I don’t resonate with vibration of hierarchy and affiliation myself, I felt at home immediately. This is the new paradigm, where there is no more leaders, chosen ones, messiahs, simply because everybody is one, for themselves, and for everybody else at the same time. Everything is very plain, no complications, no mystifications. Anyone can try. No obligations.

When you find something, which is in all of us, and that brings you a kind of enlightenment, there also appears a certain need to share your experience with others. And often, those others, let’s say, are not ready yet. You may believe that you have an answer for your troubled fellow men, but they might not accept your “cure”, even when they are one of your loved ones (a close relative or a friend). How do you face this waiting for the right moment?

Better and better every day. :)
I learn something new every day, or should I say that I find something in me that has been there since forever. As our higher selves we are perfect, we don’t need any more learning, we only need love and experiencing, being. All is one, we are all completely interconnected, we are one. Life is the ultimate adventure, a dance, a game, pure joy and happiness. We don’t need any reasons, nor any permissions. Each one of us is the final authority on our reality, we don’t have to ask anything of anyone, because we already know everything. And because there is no absolute truth, not in the way we would ordinarily imagine it, we can choose what we believe in, our interpretations are creativity, our imagination is our intuition, there are no limits, only magic. Light magic. Even time is an illusion, and when you know that, you are no longer in hurry. What would I wait for then, anyway? Waiting belongs to the old paradigm, and in the new paradigm you don’t postpone anything that the moment brings you, and you don’t rush anywhere, because you accept all there is. I don’t bother with thinking about whom I can tell something or about who can tell me something, and yet I am completely open for both. I trust myself and the Universe that everything will unfold as it should, and I am being active and passive at the same time, which is perfectly possible in the new paradigm, as it is also possible to integrate all of the polarities and seeming contradictions.

The right moment is now. Always now.
Thank you for this opportunity to share the now with everybody.

This fall you will start with organizing workshops intensively, first in Kranj. I like that you work together with your wife. And now a question for you, Mrs. Jana. Students of Faculty of Social Sciences remember you as an assistant to professors Lukšič and Godina. You got a PhD in Anthropology, you lived for a while in Africa, on a field project. Even back then your peers admired you. You seem a brave woman. You became a mother quite late in your life. In your blog you have shared with us your experience of giving birth to your second child, which was very different from your first. How do you understand that? Is it because of the midwife who helped you prepare for the natural birth, or is there something else?


Well, it is interesting that professor Godina, whom in my mind I still call simply “teach”, some fifteen years ago said to me, then an avid student of Anthropology: “Jana, your problem is only one. Your intellect is running far ahead of your emotions.” Today I see this as an invitation to reconnect the link between my mind and my heart. And that is exactly what we do here in our center. We are anthropologists, learning about ourselves on the mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional level.
During my anthropological field work among the Shangaan tribe in South Africa I had an opportunity of observing a young mother giving birth just as she was doing her every day chores. She simply squatted and the baby was out. Of course, I went to the hospital to deliver my baby with the similar expectation. But it didn’t turn out like that. My first delivery ended with a cesarean section after being given the artificial contractions, and I felt guilty and was asking myself what did I do wrong. A mother, whatever her age, expects her cub in her arms after the delivery, yet I woke up from the anaesthesia in panic, where is my son? That fear of losing my child I can still feel, even though my boy is healthy and full of energy. For my second delivery I prepared myself with all the techniques that I know, releasing my guilt and fear. The constriction of the body that women know so well. I really liked to work with my midwife Marjeta from Sencur. She understood very well that in order for me to “open up” I needed to trust myself and herself completely. I gave birth to my marvelous baby girl after two hours of natural contractions. No doubt also with her own help, because she was in such a hurry to come here.

And during my two deliveries I realized that a woman’s body always responds in the best possible fashion and that there was no “good” or “bad” delivery. If we add to the fear a contraction inducer, that also induces feelings, the body will certainly react with constricting. And that doesn’t apply only to women in labour.

IMG_4140With your husband you are leading different workshops. What kind?

With Borut we actually “specialized” for different techniques of energy healing. I am an instructor of energy movements that are known in the States as “Being Energy” and they originate in the ancient tradition of Mexican shamans, and now they are adapted to the modern-day man. They are a mixture of physical (they really strengthen and form the body) and the spiritual (they carry the intent for awareness enhancing). They are also called magical passes, and Borut and I have been practicing them for a long time and Open Heart Hub will be organizing workshops and practices.

I am also a teacher of ThetaHealing technique, which heals the body by energetic cleansing of our negative beliefs. It uses theta brain waves (same waves that brain has during the R.E.M. sleep) for introducing changes on physical, emotional, and even genetic level, and for healing an illness, of course. ThetaHealing seminars are designed in such a way that they teach participants to become able of self-healing and of working on others.

I also take great pleasure in educating myself in the field of energy kinesiology, the method Touch for Health. It combines the knowledge of ancient Chinese medicine and modern science of kinesiology.

Just lately you have also learned a special technique of channeling messages from our souls, our higher selves. How did this happen? What is our higher self telling us?

Channeling the messages of our higher self, or our energy body, is a very natural process, when a person gets experienced in entering a theta brainwave state, or entering the second attention, as Mexican shamans call that. In that state, clairaudience and clairvoyance, and telepathy, are something completely natural. Our society in general is tuned into the beta brainwave state. We are also programmed to defend our ego, our personality, so we use up the majority of our own energy to uphold our external image, especially in the eyes of others. Our self is convinced that it is separate from the others and therefore it yearns for joining with others and for their approval. And our higher self is that part of us which knows that all of us here on Earth and even further are one, are part of the energy of everything (God, Source, Creator, or whatever we name that). Therefore the perspective of our higher self is different, and the answers depend on the questions that every individual is asking.

With all these gifts you have, you are still working full-time for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. What is your position there, exactly? I would say that your co-workers like your point of view?

IMG_4166Yes, Borut works as a professional at Open Heart Hub, whereas my job is still at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and that work is still my great pleasure. My position is in the Global Challenges Department, and together with my marvelous and extremely dedicated co-workers we are trying to shape the policy about the environment, the climate changes, sustainable development, in short, about a better world for everyone. As I am also an international political scientist, I’m really drawn to the synthesis of “spiritual” and “political”. In Slovenia, the time for operating from an open heart on the level of the country is perhaps not ripe yet, but I believe that a transition into a new political paradigm is possible. And it all starts with ourselves, of course. But one could well write a whole book about that.

My co-workers are accepting me fully with all my quirks, as I am accepting them as well. If you operate from an open heart, anywhere, it is simply hard not to get along with people.

You are a mother. What would you like to teach your children?

To love themselves. And to feel a connection with everything that surrounds them. That is a very good foundation for respecting the others and for trusting yourself.

And the same question for the dad?

Nothing. The children are the ones who come here to help us. I observe them with an open heart and open eyes and I marvel at them and rejoice. Raising kids in the new paradigm is inconceivability different from the old paradigm. The word “raising” itself is no longer appropriate, actually. And one could write a whole book about that, too. Perhaps I am already writing it.

On top of that, making a distinction between my kids and other kids is also a concept of the past. To love something more than something else is no longer sensible, if you love everything infinitely.