JanaJana has a keen interest in human beings, in all its forms, perspectives and colors. Her activities are all about exploring human mind, heart and soul. Her formal education reflects her interest: she has a PhD in social and political anthropology. As a researcher, Jana lived among peoples in Africa and Balkan area, learning about cultural diversity.
Jana also visited numerous international workshops, learning about magical passes and techniques of recapitulation, which have an origin in traditions of ancient Mexico. During her education and research of spiritual and healing practices, Jana gained knowledge on several traditions and techniques: she is an instructor of energy passes, known as Being Energy, a Touch for Health therapist and ThetaHealing instructor.
Jana also loves her job at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where she is responsible for international environmental issues and sustainable development for all segments of society.
Jana has been dedicated to sports from early age, as she has learned to love her body. She used to be an active rock (alpine) climber; at present time, she is in love with marathon runs. And last, but not least: Jana is a mother of a son and a daughter, which brightens her life every day.